5 Modern Alternatives For Smoking

The world is evolving at a rapid pace, and so is technology. With new gadgets coming out often in the markets, there are developments in the tobacco industry as well. People are now moving away from smoking traditional cigarettes to other more sleek and advanced devices to smoke.
First, we need to understand what smoking is and how it becomes an addiction to most of the people out there. Tobacco contains nicotine and other chemicals that are craved by the human body. A person who smokes gets used to the nicotine in cigarettes due to which it becomes nearly impossible for one to quit smoking. The tobacco in cigarettes causes death and disease due to which most of the men wish to possess an alternative that lets down the probability of health risk and cancer.

However, an alternative cannot just knock out the hazard of dying or something, but what it can do is lower the risk. There are many people out there who believe that other forms of tobacco in the market are harmless and have no side effects on health. In reality, the side effects might be limited, but they will still be there. There is just no safe side of smoking.

Now, talking about the modern alternatives for smoking that are said to be less harmful. Mostly, when we burn the tobacco during smoking, it produces toxicants thatdirectly involve the lungs. Research has proven that other alternatives for smokingdo not include the burning of tobacco to deliver nicotine.

Following are some modern alternatives for smoking


Vaping is one of the most common alternative options for smoking. It is an electronic rechargeable device that consists of a mouthpiece and a cartridge carrying the e-liquid. The battery heats the e-liquid and turns into an aerosol that is inhal the person. An aerosol is produced instead of tobacco in electronic cigarettes,which is known as water vapor. The vapor particles consist of toxic chemicals that are harmful to health.

According to research, vaping is approximately 95% safer than smoking. When a person switches to vaping from smoking, the hazards of health risk decreases because your body begins to let out carbon monoxide finally. Carbon monoxide is produced due to the inhaling of toxic chemicals, and as vape does not carry any tar or poisonous chemicals, your body starts to experience health benefits.

There are a variety of vapes available of all kinds at vape stores online or at specialty smoke shops. The disadvantage of a vape is that you have to repeat its purchase. It can cost you double than your traditional cigarette.

Tobacco Heating Devices

Tobacco heating products are similar to vape. They heat tobacco to produce an aerosol inhaled by the user. But here, the smoke is not completely burned, so the liquid absorbed by the consumer still contains some toxic particles. They are also known as smoke-free products. They carry nicotine in high amounts, which makes them addictive. HTPs by using battery heat tobacco up to 350-600 degrees to generate nicotine.

The difference between e-cigarettes and HTPs is that e-cigarettes heat e-liquid while HTPs melts tobacco.

Because they are smoke-free products, they produce less amount of carbon monoxide but are still harmful to health anyways.


E-cigarettes referred to electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco but e-liquid. As distinct, they are electronic devices, they with the help of batteries, heat the liquid to produce an aerosol. They contain nicotine delivered from tobacco or flavors.

E-cigarettes might be a safer alternative to smoking, but they can be addictive and harmful to health. They carry no tobacco but do contain liquids that cause poisoning in children and adults.

Lungs are not affect as they produce vapours instead of smoke. They cause less harm than regular cigarettes, but this doesn’t mean that no harm at all.


Cigars have always been the most stylish and unique way of smoking. A roll of tobacco, when wrapped in a substance that consists of smoking, is call a Cigar. They come in many sizes and can deliver double the poison than regular cigarettes can. They carry nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful chemicals that cause mouth and lung cancer. The amount of tobacco that an entire pack of cigarettes contains is equal to the amount of smoking that one cigar contains. Cigar contains nicotine that makes it addictive and increases the chance of cancer in a human body.

Cigars also contain exciting flavors due to which people of different cultures also smoke cigars on occasions to have fun.

Cigars cause teeth to fall apart as it affects the gums first. It is more dangerous than a cigarette because it is all about tobacco, and contains 100-200 mg of nicotine.


Hookah is an advance choice for smoking, also used by people in the Middle East, and is common for the past hundreds of years.

It contains a water pipe to smoke tobacco that is available in many flavors like mint, apple, cherry, mist, and licorice. Hookah is as much dangerous as cigarettes. 1-hour session of hookah is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes. People think that water pipes are not as harmful as cigarettes or other smoking alternatives. Well, it’s just a myth. Hookahs are way more damaging and dangerous to health than cigarettes.

When preparing a hookah, it is heat charcoal, which allows a large amount of carbon monoxide to enter your lungs when you inhale. Most people fool themselves by thinking that because a hookah contains a water pipe, it filters all the toxic chemicals while inhaling. Still, the water pipe cools the smoke, so it is easier to inhale.


No matter what quality or quantity you are smoking, it all causes severe damage to your body. Hopefully, with the alternatives as mentioned above, you can now decide which option is suitable for you. Vapes, e-cigarettes, cigars, hookahs HTPs are some popular and modern forms of smoking products. They all contain nicotine and tar, which cause lungs or mouth cancers. Remember, many alternatives for smoking, but none can be 100% safe for your health. It can only lower down the rate of killing.